Awaiting Autumn

I know it is a little early to get excited, especially in this August heat, but I can’t help myself. Who doesn’t love fall fashion?

Sweaters, boots, scarves, coats & ….. blankets?


I personally adore wearing over sized blanket scarves, and the popular Burberry Blanket-Coat from Fall 2014 has given the style a new updated look.

Check it out below:


What do you think? The $1,750-2,000 price range is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea; at least certainly not mine as a University student. If your in need of a coat and can afford it – do it; it is absolutely gorgeous and comes in a large selection of colours on their official online website. LOVE IT. Luckily, fashion is about style, not price; I have complied a few easy to find options for the everyday women below.

Artizia image1 (1)

Artizia – The garment is about $85 and comes in a large variety of colours.


ASOS –  Available at the online boutique for $54.50

image1 (1)

H&M – $39.99 and only available in this print, but I am sure it will pop up in more colours soon!

I can see Forever21 being stocked with the style soon enough as well. Comment and let me know you thoughts. Classic, Trend, or Fad?

Also, make sure to check out the documentary  “The True Cost” on the rising fast-fashion industry; it is a must watch for all consumers. Be aware of what is going on before you make your decisions. Remember that you can enjoy the art of fashion: without purchasing frivolously, choosing wisely and taking care of what you already own. May make a separate post to highlight the film further.